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We have the  first  Chinese belly dance web:

Eight  years  ago, we launched  the first belly dance club and  bellydance school- WenKeXin belly dance club in  China ,and be engaged in the belly dance teaching and perform for about 8 years along. We have more than 48 league multiple shop of belly dance all of the China,with thousands of students and hundreds of belly dance coach.

let me  introduce ourself:
we  are the famous CHINA BELLYDANCE Academy---WenKeXin BELLYDANCE Academy:
We are  the first belly dance clubs and  the first belly dance school in

We established  china  bellydance  association  and  Chinese belly dance website Five year ago,

the founder----Teacher WenKeXin,she  was  well know in China and have high
authority in China belly dance circles.

in china,if you  ask someone  about bellydance,Almost no one does not know
her , everybody know her in the TV program。

Chinese medium calls her-----Teacher WenKeXin is the first person of China
belly dance and  we  were  given the appellation “the queen of China belly
dance ”.

Here you can see a lot of  relevant  her news report way:
Here you can see a lot of  relevant her  television gathers news:

WenKeXin  is  the  president  of  CBDA(china  bellydance  association) . her   English name is  coco Wen.


       In accordance to the unique physical and physiological characteristics of Eastern woman, CoCo Wen created a new kind of belly dance---"Chinese Fitness Belly Dance" . Nowadays this belly dance has come into unprecedented fashion in China. As the president of CBDA(China Belly Dance Association).

        CoCo Wen holds Asia Bellydance Festival and International Belly Dance Friendship Competition in Beijing every year. She has invited many world famous belly dancer masters and host the bellydance festival with workshops for them , including Jillina and Ansuya of BDSS, Kaeshi of Belly queen, Drummer OZZY from American;kajira from Black sheep(American); Shabala from Venezuela, Malika from Russian;Yuky from Singapore; Drummer Mehamet from Turkey;Belynda Azhaar from Australia;Akiko Terada from Japan;Su Jee, Choi from Korea;Danisa from Argentina ; At the last years,Coco invite more than 20 bellydance masters to China and have the master workshops and performance. In this year, she will hold 7th Asian Belly Dance Festival and invite more world famous bellydance stars to China.

       She had led her students dance team to win the first group prize in June, 2009 at the AHLAN WA SAHLAN bellydance festival, and she won 1st prize of Professional Teacher Match at the "AHLAN WA SAHLAN " Winter course in December 2009. She has also been invited to teach at Raqia Hassan's famous "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" Egyptian belly dance festival in June 2010.

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